What Jeremy Barker’s Been Up To

WaxFactory's "PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER!" Photo by Maria Baranova

WaxFactory’s “PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER!” Photo by Maria Baranova

What an exhausting few weeks it’s been! I’ve been to Austin, Toronto, and out and about in NYC. This weekend I head to Chicago for a business trip. And in between I celebrated my birthday with a lovely pub-and-bookstore crawl across Brooklyn. So I’m rather tired. But with all that said, I wanted to share what I’d been up to.

The 2016 Fusebox Festival in Austin. I made my second trip to Austin for the annual Fusebox Festival last month, and wrote about the festival for them. This website played host to the project, which included my new friend and acquaintance Christine Gwillim, who helped me cover the events. All of work can be found here on the Deeply Fascinating @ Fusebox page. I also wrote an archival round-up for the festival, published on Storify, which can be found here. And finally, I joined Lindsay Barenz of Maxamoo, a weekly theater and performance podcast, wrapping it up here. So, exhaust yourself with our exhaustive coverage of Fusebox.

Devising Process in the Brooklyn Rail. I made my premier in the Brooklyn Rail this month (May) with a piece on WaxFactory’s latest; you can check it out here. The show, PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER! #montage, at 3LD May 18-19, is the fourth in a series of studies the company is putting forward as it devises a contemporary version of Chekhov’s The Seagull. The article grew out of a dialogue between Ivan Talijancic and me about the relationship of process to art, inspired by a similar project I was involved in with Seattle dance/performance company zoe|juniper, called “No Ideas But In Things,” which you can read part of on the company’s website and a essay-length piece on in Chance 5.

May Previews! I returned to Maxamoo just this week to talk about what’s up in May, touching on the Wooster Group, the aforementioned WaxFactory presentation, Hadestown at NYTW, and finally Jim Findlay’s Vine of the Dead, a piece I was amazed by last fall and am stoked to see at the Invisible Dog May 26-28 at 9 pm. It’s a strange, wonderful, bizarre experience, and I highly recommend it.